"Get an iPhone6 for just 40K" Scam


It is so unfortunate how E-Commerce shops in Nigeria the likes of and the rest scam Nigerians by offering ridiculous price for items which they don't have in stock in a bid to get traffic to there site and often rip customers off. Ironically, they don't have the infrastructure to handle the resulting traffic as can be seen by the outage of service on their websites. Iphone 6 Scam

Latest is the "Get an iPhone6 for just 40K" scam today 05/03/2015. when my colleagues and I saw the advert on the, we were very sceptical about it due to our earlier experience with on Black Friday of 2014 in which we purchased items and made online payments, our accounts were debited but we didn't receive the items purchased and no refund was made ever since.

The ridiculous scam of "Get an iPhone6 for just 40K" prompted us to quickly develop a small console program to monitor their website to check and notify us whenever the iphone 6 is made available. The program checks and looks for the keyword iphone-6 and if found makes a long beep, if not it should keep checking after a set interval.

The program ran on a pc with Etisalat broadband 3.5G internet connection from 11:30am when the deal was supposed to start till 4:31 pm when finally put the deal online. The moment we were notified of the link (by our app), We quickly navigated to the Url to check out the deal, only to be told that all Iphone 6 phones have been sold out.

From my calculation it took less than 10 seconds after the link appeared on site for my browser to load the url.

My question now which I hope dealdey would provide answers to include:

  1. How many Iphones were up for grab that it was sold off under 10 seconds?
  2. Why the change in time of the post of the deal?

Their actions would suggest that they never planned to sell any iphone nor do they have any iphone in stock. They just used it to lure innocent Nigerians into shopping on their platform.

E-Commerce shops/sites in Nigeria should desist from scamming innocent Nigerians, by putting promos or deals that dont exist.

Below is the C# source code of the utility program, it uses HtmlAgilityPack for the html dom manipulation.

       private static void Main(string[] args)
            string url = "";
                int iphoneCount = 0;
                while (iphoneCount < 1)
                    Console.WriteLine("Connecting to " + url+"\n");
                    HtmlWeb htmlWeb = new HtmlWeb();
                    HtmlDocument htmlDocument = htmlWeb.Load(url);
                    Console.WriteLine("Connected to " + url);
                    foreach (HtmlNode htmlNode in htmlDocument.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//a[@@href]"))
                        HtmlAttribute htmlAttribute = htmlNode.Attributes["href"];
                        if (htmlAttribute.Value.Contains("iphone-6"))
                            Console.WriteLine("Link found\n");
                    if (iphoneCount < 1)
                        iphoneCount = 0;
                Console.WriteLine("Iphone is available \n");
                Console.Beep(500, 5000);
            catch(Exception e)
                Console.WriteLine("Encountered Error, Starting Over Again \n");
                goto startover;

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